Facebook Data Theft: How to Avoid Fake Apps in 2022

Facebook Data Theft

Meta Inc has identified over 400 malicious mobile apps that can be found in the official Apple and Google app stores and are designed to compromise Facebook accounts. 47 of the 400 malicious apps were iOS apps. Facebook is helping its users in securing their accounts and has already informed Google and Apple about these malicious apps.

The malware was classified as several types of programmes. It includes fake photo editors, virtual private networks that promise faster browsing and access to restricted websites, mobile games, and health and lifestyle trackers. Others stated that they would create a cartoon version of the user’s face, while others provided horoscopes.

How Can I Avoid Fake Apps?

However, there are several clear signs that differentiates them from genuine programmes. Here are a few indicators you can use to determine whether a programme on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store is legitimate.

  • While reading the app description, look for tags like “Editor’s Choice” and “Top Developer.” You can also visit the developer’s website.
  • Examine the number of downloads. Although it is not a 100% guarantee of the software’s authenticity, a malicious or fake app will typically have fewer downloads than the genuine one.
  • Examine the app’s ratings and reviews. If you want, you can read the comments.
  • There is an error in the spelling of the app’s name and description below.
  • Check the phone permissions that the app is requesting. Third-party apps frequently request access to your contacts, dialer, and other information. However, there is cause for concern if an app requests access to your camera, audio, and other features.
  • Find out when the app was released. A legitimate app will not have a recent publication date and will most likely have received upgrades recently. A recent publish date is the most likely indicator of a fake app. Be aware that this is not always an indication of sincerity.

What exactly are fake apps?

Cybercriminals create bogus apps in order to harm users and their devices. They are designed to look like legitimate apps, but they carry out malicious actions. These things could include watching what you do online, installing malware, showing you annoying advertisements, or stealing your personal information.

Are fake apps safe?

Once downloaded to your phone, a large amount of bogus software can cause significant damage. False apps may aggressively display ads in order to generate ad revenue, download malware onto your device, or steal your login information in order to use it elsewhere on the internet without your permission.

What happens if my Facebook account is hacked?

If your account has been hacked, others on your friends list may have been contacted. You must warn them not to click any links or download any programmes sent to them via Facebook email, Facebook messages, or wall posts while the hacker was in control of your account.

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